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Blair Fox is a West Australian family owned electricity company. We build own and operate wind farms, retail electricity to our customers, and own and operate electricity distribution networks. We deliver innovative solutions that are surprising, considered and built on deep industry knowledge. We build and maintain strong relationships with our customers.

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  • Safety and reliability
  • Making things happen
  • Industry knowledge
  • Understanding our customers’ needs
  • High quality
  • Competitive cost
  • Understanding what is possible

Blair Fox About Us


What we can offer you

Blair Fox Electricity Retail

Electricity Retail

We are an electricity retailer who can offer you a competitive price or take it one step further by building onsite renewable energy generation. Either way, you benefit from the electricity generated.

Blair Fox Wind Farm Construction

Wind Farm Construction

Onsite renewable generation from refurbished quality wind turbines is a great way to reduce your costs. We can help through joint ownership / project management or construction. Please call us to talk about what we’ve done for other customers and what we can do for you.

Blair Fox On site Electricity network

On site electricity network

Having your own on site electricity network can be a viable solution. We can build the network at your site quickly, so that you can expand your business at the time it needs to grow. Our customers who have made this choice have been astonished at how quickly we’ve made this happen.


We work well with others

Blair Fox has successfully managed the purchase and dismantling of European wind farm turbines for re-use in Western Australia.

We have been responsible for all aspects of project management - from early stage feasibility, wind monitoring, site analysis, obtaining all approvals, sourcing and supervising specialised contractors, through to construction, operations and maintenance.

West Hills Wind Farm and Karakin Wind Farm

Blair Fox managed the purchase and dismantling of 20 ENERCON E40 500kW wind turbines from the San Giorgio La Molara wind farm in the province of Benevento, Italy.

These wind turbines were transported to Western Australia, refurbished and installed at the West Hills and Karakin Wind Farms around 150km north of Perth.

The 5MW West Hills Wind Farm supplies electricity to our client farm in Lancelin.

The 5MW Karakin Wind Farm supplies local horticulturalists over a private 33kV distribution network with the balance of electricity generated used to supply Blair Fox retail customers in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Blair Fox is a part owner of the wind turbines and associated 33kV distribution network at the Karakin Wind Farm, and operates and maintains the network and turbines at both wind farms.

Beros Rd Wind Farm and Associated Farm Network

Blair Fox managed the purchase and dismantling of 19 ENERCON E40 500kW wind turbines from the Vila Lobos Wind Farm near Lamego, Portugal.

These wind turbines were transported to Western Australia, refurbished and installed at the Beros Rd Wind Farm at Warradarge around 270km north of Perth.

Also part of this project was the construction of 50km of 33kV transmission network and associated infrastructure to link a second site, that was previously diesel-powered, with the wind farm.

The 9.5MW Beros Rd Wind Farm supplies electricity over these linked, private 33kV distribution networks to the on site farm in Coorow Shire. The balance of electricity generated is used to supply Blair Fox retail customers in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).


Our O&M service mission is to maximize the performance of your assets.

Keeping Equipment Running Well

We enjoy the work and the challenge.

The turbines we use are approximately 20 years old when we acquire them. Blades are worn, computer boards are failing as electronic components come to the end of their life. Parts aren’t always available; the manufacturer could stop support of old computer boards at any moment.

However, the turbine fundamentals are still strong, and we achieve very high levels of availabilities on a par with new equipment.

We refurbish, repair and maintain all turbine components and foster the skill sets that give us confidence in the future of these assets.

In House Training

We support and employ apprentices and believe in the value of technical education and training.

Unique to our technician support is our training/testing turbine. The turbine is ground mounted and located at our main workshop in Lancelin. The training turbine allows new technicians to experience and learn from simulated faults and errors prior to going into the field. It also allows us to test and trial new repair techniques as the technical team continue to learn and innovate.

Work Life Balance

We are a family owned company and value work life balance, while maximising the performance of our clients’ assets. This means working smarter so we don’t have to work longer - ensuring planning and maintenance are priorities.

Staff find meaning in their work, not only from the technical challenge but because they are playing their part in building a better future. Using refurbished wind turbines makes a positive contribution to addressing climate change.

We have a team who value this outcome, who are committed to developing their technical expertise and who enjoy a range of hobbies and community interests in addition to their work with us.


Key clients

Blair Fox Clients
Blair Fox Clients

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